New Local Officials of Torrijos Take Oath

Newly Elected Officials of the Municipal Government of Torrijos, Marinduque
Take Oath of Office and 12th Sangguniang Bayan hold its Inaugural Session

Newly elected administration officials took their oath of office before Judge Melba M. de Peralta of the Municipal Trial Court last June 30, 2010 at Torrijos Covered Court. 


The oath-taking ceremony has been kicked-off with a thanksgiving mass at six o’clock in the evening, which has been officiated by Reverend Fathers Fabio F. Fiegalan, Martin B. Puertollano, Jr. and Edwin M. Sager. It was followed by the Entrance of Colors led by Torrijos Municipal Police Station Personnel and the Doxology, National Anthem and Torrijos Hymn by the Torrijos Municipal Employees Association (TORMEA) Choir.

The new councilors who took their oath of office were Ricardo “Ricky” R. de Galicia, Levy “Mama Levy” F. Palomares (re-elected), Sabino “Binoy” P. Fabrero (re-elected), Pablito “Amboy” O. Grimaldo, Monchito “Monching” P. Roldan (re-elected), Norma V. Villar, Angel “Otok” R. Pimentel (re-elected) and Gregorio “Boy” R. Red. Newly elected Vice-Mayor Roberto “Obet” F. Macdon and re-elected Mayor i; mso-bidi-theme-font: minor-latin;">Gil “Boreks” R. Briones also joined the undertaking.

After the ceremony, Police Senior Inspector Tomas R. Magdalita and his Personnel conducted a salute to the elected officials, followed by a turn-over speech and endorsement of the symbols of position and power by outgoing Vice-Mayor Juan “John-John” R. Fernandez, Jr.  Afterwards, Honorable Roberto F. Macdon delivered his acceptance speech.

The last part of the program was a Testimonial Dinner and Ceremonial Ball. All heads of national and provincial offices, religious and other non-government organizations, selected guests, municipal government officials and employees, barangay captains and officials and family of the newly elected local officials are the ones who witnessed the said affair. 

On the following day (July 1, 2010), Inaugural Session of the 12th Sangguniang Bayan was held at the Municipal Session Hall at exactly 9:00 o’clock in the morning. It was participated by the heads of local, national and provincial agencies and barangay officials of the twenty-five (25) barangays.

One of the highlights of the said ceremonial activity was a resolution declaring the support of the new set of sanggunian to the leadership and administration of Honorable Mayor Gil R. Briones. After that, Mayor Briones delivered his Inaugural Speech. He expressed his thanks to everyone for trusting him once again as re-elected Municipal Mayor and assured that the plans and programs that will uplift the socio-economic life of Torrijoseños, especially the less fortunate ones will be delivered. He emphasized the fact that the new concern of his administration is to address poverty and promote development in the four corners of Torrijos. He also expressed his gratitude to former Vice-Mayor Juan R. Fernandez, Jr. for the support on his administration and willingness to help for the continuous improvement of the municipality. He then presented the 10-point agenda for the municipality, which are as follow:

  1. Education by increasing the number of scholars;
  2. Health and Nutrition and Environmental Sanitation Programs;
  3. Establishment of Municipal Crisis Intervention Center, which will serve as the rehabilitation and education center for victims of physical and sexual abuse and violence against women and children;
  4. Agriculture Sector by increasing the production and improving the economic and livelihood of farmers as well as Animal Dispersal and Ocean Protection Programs via Patrol Seaborne;
  5. Tourism by continuous research and assessment of existing caves particularly in Barangay Bonliw, and development and improvement Poctoy White Beach Resort and Luneta Park;
  6. Waterworks System;
  7. Solid Waste Management Program;
  8. Programs on Youth like sports development, seminar on anti-illegal drugs and manpower skills;
  9. Basic Services; and
  10. Housing Project (Pabahay)


The third part of the session is the organization of the Standing Committee of the 12th Sanggunian. Below is the List of Chairman for each committee.

  • Hon. SK Federation President Nikko Paolo N. Raza
    - Youth and Sports Development 
  • Hon. ABC President Bienvenido DM. Constantino, Jr.
    - Committee on Barangay Affairs
  • Hon. SB Member Gregorio R. Red
    - Transportation and Communication
    - Ways and Means
  • Hon. SB Member Angel R. Pimentel
    - Cooperatives, NGOs and Pos
    - Public Order and Safety
    - Trade and Industry
  • Hon. SB Member Norma V. Villar
    - Education, Culture and Science and Technology
    - Government Enterprise
    - Oversight Committee 
  • Hon. SB Member Monchito P. Roldan
    - Rules and Ordinances
    - Banks and Financial Institutions
    - Environment and Natural Resources
  • Hon. SB Member Pablito O. Grimaldo
    - Public Works and Infrastructures
    - Good Governance, Justice and Human Rights
    - Energy
  • Hon. SB Member Sabino P. Fabrero
    - Appropriations
    - Agriculture
    - Games and Amusement, Cockfights and Cockpit Operation
  • Hon. SB Member Levy F. Palomares
    - Health and Nutrition
    - Women and Family
    - Social Services
  • Hon. SB Member Ricardo R. de Galicia
    - Blue Ribbon
    - Labor and Employment
    - Tourism

Agenda on amendments and adoption of Internal Rules of Procedure was postponed and will be continued on the SB’s next regular session.  As a whole, the two historical events have been successful.

Prepared by:
Ms. Maria Angelica F. Magdalita
Public Information Officer